Mental Health at Work

If you are working in a toxic environment everyday, this will inevitably result in corrosive mental health. Work is where most of you probably spend most of your time as well as making most of your friends and building relationships. Research has found that the value added to the economy each year due to mental health problems is £225 billion, which is astonishing.

We all have mental health whether that be good or bad. When we experience good mental health we can deal with things, cope with challenges and generally have a good self-acceptance of ourselves. This is something we should all aim for, especially if we aren’t coping or finding it hard to deal with the challenges laid out at work.

There are a range of legal rights to protect yourself at work which come under the Equality Act (2010) and Disability Discrimination Act. These acts enable those with a mental health problem to be protected from discrimination and allows entitlement to adjustments. Personally, this is where I believe the stigma lies. The fact that someone suffering a severe mental illness is termed ‘disabled’ may like my brother feel like they stand out or have a black mark on their forehead, so to speak. This isn’t the case at all and hence why we need to try and break this stigma and start to realise it really is just an illness of the brain. The definition of ‘disabled’ is actually someone who suffers from a physical or mental illness that limits their day to day life.

The Mental Heath Foundation has released 10 evidence-based ways to improve mental health at work:

  1. Talk about your feelings

  2. Keep active

  3. Eat well

  4. Drink sensibly

  5. Keep in touch

  6. Ask for help

  7. Take a break

  8. Do something you’re good at

  9. Accept yourself

  10. Care for others

The Duke of Cambridge along with the team at Heads Together and Mind have launched a scheme “Mental Health at Work”. This scheme offers a source of resources, training and the tools required to introduce wellbeing at work. I highly recommend watching the video of Prince William talking about this scheme by clicking the link below.

Hope you all have a great Monday and remember the quote!!