Sophie Gradon Former Love Island Star

Sophie Gradon was a model and holder of the 2009 Miss Great Britain title. Unfortunately, a few weeks a go depression and anxiety took over her and she committed suicide. Sophie was also on Love Island in 2017 and her loving and caring personality came through. A friend, Zara Holland who became friends with Sophie from this reality TV show, posted a message on instagram saying:

"Your smile was infectious and brightened up any room. You made everyone feel special, always gave out so much love, always had time for others.

Social media is cruel and toxic at times, you do not realise how comments make others feel."

This statement really hit home and made us think if a girl like Sophie, whom seemed to have it all, whether that be in what appeared to be a stable and loving relationship, a fantastic career ahead of her and with so many amazing friends was led to taking her life then so could your best friend or even family member.

Unfortunately, her boyfriend, Aaron Armstrong was found dead days after Sophie's funeral. It appears the grief he was going through was too much for him to handle as he posted "I'm absolutely heartbroken I can't stop crying and I can feel your spirit in my soul" just days before he took his own life, so it appears.

We challenge you to speak to that friend or family member, ask them if they are ok or maybe even share this website with them to point them in the right direction. It may not seem much now but that conversation may just save their life.