McPin Foundation - "Transforming Mental Health Research"

McPin Foundation is a charity, with their main aim of “transforming mental health research”. They conduct their own research and provide methods of coping with a mental health condition as well as building up individuals, equipped with the necessary training and skills so they can conduct their own research.

They have recently conducted a research program, releasing the top 10 questions with which young people, carers and professionals want answering with a report accompanying. They state specifically the questions finalised are “unanswered by research” or at least, little evidence surrounding the matter and hence requires more work and research in dealing with them.

McPin Foundation gathered these groups of people to find out what issues were important to them, as well as their career plans. They were all asked to submit questions they thought important, which were analysed by professionals and common themes determined. The questions were narrowed down and grouped into research questions with the top 25 most common questions analysed. These were then finalised into the top 10 which were published on the 27th November.

It were facts such as, 1 in 8 children and young people aged between 5-19 years old had experienced a mental health problem in England, 2017. Moreover, around 50% of 17-19 year olds had either self-harmed or made a suicidal attempt with suicide been the leading cause of death among the younger generations in England, 2015. If you are interested in other statistics you will find them on the report they released (link below) along with all the questions from the survey.